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Katie helped create balance in my diet, which allowed me to sustain my active lifestyle without cravings and crashes. Thanks Katie!

- Ian, Bowen Island BC

After suffering low energy and iron deficiency for months, Katie helped me make changes to my diet and lifestyle. Within a week I was bounding out of bed and excited to start the day!

- Elizabeth, UBC Student, Vancouver BC

After going through surgery and taking many pain killers for months, my body and mind needed a full detox. Katie created a program that helped support my liver and detoxification pathways in order to help me feel my best again!

- Bruce, Vancouver BC

Katie's cooking services makes me feel like royalty! Not only is she a complete delight to have in your home, she's also tremendously talented at her art of nutritious cooking that tastes amazing. I have a lot of food sensitivities and Katie's able to take them all into account and find delicious and creative alternatives. Having healthy meals all prepped for you in the fridge is the perfect way to eat clean for a busy lifestyle. 


Katie is very flexible with suggestions and requests and sends me my "menu" for the week which is always exciting to receive! I do the shopping for the most part but if I am crunched for time Katie would pick up what I need which is a super useful service. 


Katie's yummy meals inspired me to eat cleaner even on the days that I didn't have her services and made me want to cook more and eat out less. That was huge! 


She also leave the kitchen super clean and everything labeled and ready to go for the week! 


I would TOTALLY recommend Katie to anyone that is looking to eat clean and is having trouble finding the time or creativity to do it themselves, and you have food sensitivities or allergies she is your gal! Work with her! You will love her!

- Amber-Lee, Vancouver BC