Stoking The Fire...

I'm in transition again. It has been almost a full year since I left Vancouver. The city where I learned to honor my truth, embrace my curves, and cook some damn good healthy food! I find myself in the present, moving into a gorgeous new space that gets my creative juices flowing.

In VanCity, I basically lived in a shoebox, with a friendly mouse named Gus Gus, but I was lit up and ready to walk the

walk and talk the talk of healthy living. It was easy

in a city that eats / sleeps / breathes health.

But even though I was inspired, I was exhausted! So, I took a good look at what I wanted my future to look like and made the bold decision to move home. I desired family, a yard, financial stability, and community. The only risk - losing my motivation to preach the Holistic Gospel (Amen). The wealth of knowledge I and my classmates learned each and every day, no matter how big or small, is meant to be shouted from the rooftops. Honestly, we are doing our friends and family a disservice if we don't share it! But, being back in a small town where people are resistant to change, my career became a big bad scary thing that only granola eating hippies and non-commital Millenials liked to chat about. I started to feel like I lost my voice, but I understand now that is okay. I needed to gain perspective.

We all learn, teach, and preach in our own unique way. The scary thing is that the more you choose authenticity over imitation the more vulnerable you feel in that practice. It is super easy to do what everyone else is doing, but it is hard to make a living doing what everyone else is doing.

"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen"

~ Brene Brown, Daring Greatly

After moving home I took a small hiatus from the Holistic world. I spent the winter Heli-Skiing in The Adamants drinking expensive wine and eating all of the dairy and gluten. Then I spent the summer golfing, socializing and spinning my tush off in the Columbia Valley. I did the minimal amount of writing and social media for some choice companies to keep my head in the game but that was really it. Time away allowed me to grow as a woman and as a young professional. A good fire needs to breathe right?! And a little time to breath helped me realize what I have been truly hungry for - community and education. Education does not have a start or a finish line. It is infinite. It is only when we die that we truly stop learning.

The question of how I could best be of service to my community kept popping up, but I was scared to advertise ideas for fear that people wouldn't grasp my enthusiasm and I would fail. I kept letting my inner critic (I really do need a name for her) keep me from exploring my options and, like a broken record, I heard myself telling locals that I was waiting until the Fall before starting my practice to see what the Valley needed. While really, I was waiting to wrap my head around what I truly needed! My life was too noisy to hear the question behind the actual question.

When we ask ourselves big questions, we expect big answers and "aha" moments, but if we aren't open to receive the answers then what's the point of doing the work?

I realized that whatever I do next needs to light me up and fuel my curiosity while igniting a passion in others. Otherwise I'll get bored and walk away. I realized that wherever I go, I need to share my fears and in opening there will be power in that vulnerability. Maybe others are feeling the same and wouldn't that be a beautiful bonding experience? But in order to show up, wholeheartedly, open and willing to share I knew I needed a safe space to feel supported and encouraged to lead. And guess what?!?!? I found it! Sooo...

This winter at Copper Point Golf Course, where I have recently become the new Food & Beverage manager, we will be hosting mastermind meetings and health focused community seminars.

THE VISION - to bring like minded, forward thinking, health focused individuals in the realm of preventative medicine, health, fitness, nutrition, energy healing, etc together to develop a series of Health focused education events for the Valley that we call home.

THE MISSION - to empower a community. To set people up with the tools and knowledge they need to make changes on their own, while lessening the impact and dependence they have on the government health system.

Together, our goal should be to cultivate health in people of all ages. So help me stoke the fire and spread the word. I will be getting people together soon, so let me know if you are interested and I'll add you to the invite list!

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