Your a "Holistic" Whaaat???

A few short months ago the universe grabbed my heart strings and pulled me back to the mountains.

Four years of traveling and city living taught me an abundance of lessons, some bad some good. It gave me opportunities for growth and learning that I could never find anywhere else. But, it also brought my values and priorities into the limelight and they did not fully align with coastal living. So, here I am, back in the East Koots, keen to educate and aluminate!

When I introduce myself to people as a “holistic” nutrition coach I often see their eyes glaze over and a look of confusion cross their face before people crack a self-deprecating joke about how I would never want to look in their fridge. So how do I respond, to make people understand what I do and why it is relevant?

Well, let me start with the “why” before I answer the “what”…

Think of your body like a car. Cars are expensive, and thus we want to treat them right. We take them in for its regular oil changes and necessary tune-ups. We need to trust that our vehicle can get us from point A to point B day after day, efficiently and without breaking down. We invest hundreds of dollars into our vehicle because it is worth it and if it breaks down we are royally screwed! They can be costly to fix, but we depend on them to make our day to day routine possible. Without them certain things cannot get done. We may lose our jobs, we may not be able to drop our kids off at school, pick up your next hot date, or get to the trailhead for our weekend warrior excursion with our buds.

We spend money on our cars because we have become reliant on them to make our lives run smoothly. So why are we so hesitant to invest in ourselves?

Our bodies are precious and we are only given one! We cannot trade them in for a newer model when they start to break down. We can sometimes replace parts, but that often comes with a large amounts of pain (and painkillers), long recoveries, and steep price tags with no guarantee that the service fixed the root of the problem. Just like cars, we can paint s perfect exterior, but under the hood there can be a host of hidden problems.

When we start to break down, because inevitably we all do at some point, it hurts, it prevents us from doing the things we love, and holds us back from being our authentic selves around the people we love. I can name a million reasons why I would want to have a preventative approach to my health rather than a reactive approach. The burden on the health care system and your family is just one in a long list.

Just like your vehicle, the quality of your ride through life should matter!

Visits to the doctor’s office for illness and ailments that could be prevented through better nutrition are a waste of your precious time and money. Granted, there are many things we cannot foresee (ex. genetics), but for the things have control over preventing like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and obesity (just to name a few) we need to empower ourselves and take control of our health.

My job as a holistic nutritionist is not to use scare tactics when it comes to food. My goal, rather, is to help people develop a healthy relationship with food, ruling out the potential for disordered eating. I show you how to make educated food decisions by reading food labels and becoming conscious consumers. I teach classes and educate groups on creative ways to boost nutrition without breaking the bank. I focus on the mind body connection with food and draw attention to the affect that stress can have on your body. I encourage healthy practices like meditation, yoga or exercise and stress the importance of balance NOT perfection. I help to regulate hormone levels in the body – everything from blood sugar to menstrual cycles. I recognize that illness is often far from an isolated expression, there are deeper imbalances.

Nutritionists help you get to the root of issues instead of just looking at a symptom and prescribing a drug to cover it up. Leading to a happier, more energetic you!

When one system is out of balance it can lead to a cascade of other related problems if left unchecked. Sometimes we don’t know when something is wrong, but most often we do. We just need to be taught how to listen to the signs. If you’re sick, the illness likely did not take root overnight, and it will not go away overnight either. So, go on, invest in yourself today for your healthy future.

Katie Izzy Nutrition is officially open for consults following Invermere’s "Soiree en Blanc” happening July 8th, 2017 ( I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Sarah Adamson from Fuze Food & Smoothie Bar ( We have a wicked, rich, colorful and healthy 3 course menu planned for everyone (vegan friendly option available). Not only will I be serving your food personally, I will be attending the event and can’t wait to meet and mingle with everyone. I hope to see you all there!

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